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As far as interior basement sealers go, we can dismiss the myth that interior basement sealers don't work...
Our Armor Guard® basement coatings were designed after our pool and tank coatings and are HURRICANE AND FLOOD TESTED!

When the time came to fortify and strengthen the Ground Zero foundation, Armor Guard® was there! You can strengthen and protect your next project with the same quality product that advanced architects and engineers use today!

Projects completed with our Basement and Waterproof coatings include: Hudson Wall at Ground Zero, NY.
Big Dig Tunnel to Repair Leaks, MA


Armor Guard® is a 100% solid thermosetting epoxy made from soybeans, beans and peanuts, with titanium and flex enhancers added, for better durability and flexibility. Armor Guard® forms strands of cross-linked chains of molecules that intertwine which produce unprecedented strength. Years ago, Armor Guard® was only used for governmental, industrial and commercial applications, but further research and development has proven that the potential for this product is limitless.


Other epoxy, paints and coatings, dry from the bottom up, causing hydration (water, air and metals airing outward), pushing out the new coating that has been applied causing pin holes to appear, and the new coating to delaminate. This is why other products FAIL! Armor Guard® resin is one of the only coatings that films from the top and dries downward, thus making it a non-porous material (stopping the vast majority of hydration). Our coating will seal your basement permanently; you will never have to worry about your basement leaking again. GUARANTEED!


100% solid titanium reinforced polymer epoxy Not a Paint
Easy to Apply, No Special Equipment is needed
Odorless, Non-Toxic and No VOCs
Freeze/Thaw resistant
No Pumps, drains or excavation
Seals and saturates the concrete giving it more strength!
Armor Guard® coatings are Permanent!
High flexibility and tensile strength
Can be used on any surface
Self Leveling
Blocks Radon
Will NEVER peel, flake or chalk.
It will resist mold, algae, mildew or fungi.
It is stain and chemical resistant.
Armor Guard® insulates!
Armor Guard® is Heat Resistant to 400° Armor Guard® is WATERTIGHT!

APPROVED BY: OSHA, ANSI, FDA, NSF, Green Seal and the US Green Building Council


INTERIOR SEALERS INCREASE HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE –False- First of all, almost all foundations have a sealer on the backside (usually tar.) These sales people are trying to convince us that preventing water seepage creates pressure, Listen, if you have a wall of water behind your foundation you will know it. ARMOR GUARD has been applied to foundations that were completely surrounded by 14 feet of flood water, for days, behind canals, seawalls, tunnels, with no failures.

MOISTURE THAT IS KEPT OUTSIDE WILL DAMAGE THE CONCRETE –False- Concrete needs and thrives in moisture and every foundation has moisture. Engineers calculate all earth as 100% humidity, in every area of the world. Even in the desert, if you lay down a sheet of plywood, the next day it will be damp underneath. You will read ads that claim that you have to dig up foundations from the outside and install the latest and greatest wall covering to prevent the wall from getting wet. This is just hype to get you to use their product. All dirt is moist…and all foundations are most…PERIOD.

TAR WORKS THE BEST-False- Tar lasts only 7 years max, usually less. The only reason is because it’s cheap. Tar looses its elasticity and dries up quickly. With all the new technology, anyone still using tar is simply doing a poor job. How long do roads last? How many times have
We been told that plastic will never degrade and in landfills forever…so why not coat your foundation with plastic instead of tar? Stands to reason don’t it. This isn’t rocket science.

YOU MUST DIVERT THE WATER-False- Don’t boats and pools exists without pumps, holes, drains, walls ,etc? Obviously if you can prevent the water from coming near the house, do it.
But water will always find a way to your foundations….ALWAYS!

INTERIOR SEALING SYSTEMS CAN CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE CONCRETE DUE TO TRAPPED MOISTURE AGAINST THE CONCRETE, IS THIS TRUE? False- all exterior sealing systems allow water into the concrete, every single one. Because the bottoms of the floors and walls are not sealed and moisture wicks in, drainage systems allow water to migrate into the concrete through the drain holes. Moisture is not damaging to concrete, in fact the opposite is true. The only real question is, do you want the water IN your house...or OUTSIDE of your house?

I LIVE IN A DRY CLIMATE, YET MY BASEMENT IS DAMP AND MOLDY, WHY? engineers state the ALL ground is a100% humididity level. even in dry climates, lay down a sheet of plywood on the ground anywhere, and in no time you will have moisture under it, this is the trapped moisture from evaporation .Moisture is constantly wicking into the concrete and entering your home, via capillary action, creating mold and bacteria, ARMORGUARD will Stop that water penetration, insulate and prevent mold and mildew growth.

RADON LEVELS WILL BE HIGH IF I DON’T SEAL EVERYTHING-False- Most time radon levels can be cut substantially by only sealing the floor. Look at our test results on our website

Armor Guard® has many other uses: waterproofing, decks swimming pools, ponds, aquariums, roofs, floor, shower, sinks, tubs, decks, basements, marine usage, food, water and biological containment. Look on our website or call for more information

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